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Emi Gal, de la 50k euro la $800k

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Video advertising startup Brainient has secured $800,000 in financin, led by venture investor Arts Alliance, best known for backing DVD/Video on demand startup LoveFilm, Opera Software and Lastminute. More interestingly the round includes Silicon Valley maven investor Dave McClure as well as Alex Hoye, Algy Williams and Cambridge set alumni Sherry Coutu.


According to eMarketer, 36% of online video viewers click away on pre-roll ads. So Briainent’s technology concentrates on creating an actionable banner ads in the video, such as booking a test-drive while watching a video advert for a new car.

Is this the savior of newspapers, magazines and TV? Propably not. But Brainient, Gal‘s third startup, may get somewhere.

So far it’s had €50,000 in seed funding post early stage competition Seedcamp Week, with €50,000.


Cred ca cei de la Financial Times se zgarie pe ochi ca au sters articolul cu Emi. Din fericire insa, prietenul Dragos a salvat situatia. 🙂

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1. Emi Gal – CEO Brainient. Blog | LinkedIn | Twitter


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  8. @Emi: ok, Dragos a salvat situatia pentru noi, saracii 🙂 (Desi si el sustine ca nu mai e pe site. E sarac, ca noi? :-p) (am citit eu in diagonala :-))

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