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O paralela destul de interesanta intre 2 declaratii, prima apartinand lui Robert Berza1, Online Content Manager, CME, in decembrie 2007, iar a doua venind aproape 2 ani mai tarziu, din partea miliardarului american Mark Cuban2, in august 2009.

8 August 2009

Block aggregation sites that point to your content.

Mark Cuban

Why would you help a site, that is a direct competitor for minimal incremental revenue? It’s not worth it. You know what is worth it? When someone is sent from the site, let them fall on a page that lets them know that you don’t consider a valid news or reference site. has chosen to front end our content and we don’t appreciate it. As a result, we are blocking access. To get up to the minute news, please go directly to (or whatever site). Of course will quickly stop sending you traffic. But the loss will be theirs. There will be stories that you cover better than anyone. Michael will have to find someone else.

The real question of course is whether other major news site copy what you have done ? What if the NY Times and the Washington Post do the same thing? What if CNN, Tribune Papers and MSNBC join in ? I will tell you what happens. The aggregator sites that try to front end the content you invest a ton of money to create will find themselves all relying on AP, Reuters and individual bloggers.

This is where all the netizens jump in and tell me Im crazy. That news sites won’t ever do this. Thats not the internet way. Which of course is exactly how they respond to every business question involving the net. The major news sites are keeping the aggregators that don’t originate news content alive. From Drudge Report on down. You are crazy to do so. Let the search engines send you traffic. Block the rest. Your revenue impact will be minimal. The competitive impact significant.

Mark Cuban, My Advice to Fox & MySpace on Selling Content – Yes You Can

10 Decembrie 2007

Robert Berza

Iulian Comanescu3 zice azi in Adevarul ca “presa clasica” a inceput sa joace tare pe web si ca incep problemele pentru independentii gen sau InternetCorp ( si

M’as baga si eu in seama pe subiect si as spune ca pina una alta, presa clasica ii tine in brate, dintr’un motiv care’mi scapa, pe acesti copii teribili ai online-ului romanesc, zona Stiri / Mass media. Pai daca cineva de la Adevarul, in care scrie cu onor dom’ Comanescu, si’ar lua citeva minute sa discute cu colegii de la Gandul, Jurnalul, Cotidianul, Ziua etc sa nu’i mai lase pe cei de sus sa le fure contentu’ primind in schimb niste amariti de 1.000 de useri / zi, ce s’ar mai intimpla atunci?

Robert Berza, Agregatorii se dau de ceasu’ mortii

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3. Iulian Comanescu – manager Comanescu SRL. LinkedIn | Blog


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